Plan it Design

Plan It Design is a dedicated Architectural Design and Planning Consultancy offering a range of skilled Architectural Services for properties in England and Wales. We create innovative and sustainable designs to convert our client’s idea into more realistic and feasible space. We believe that every space has a touch of the client hence we value their input for designing a customized space. Our architects give a totally new dimension to the project with their imaginative design and eco-friendly concepts.

Our vision is to convert simple and non-useful spaces into more elegant, useful and vibrant places. We generate drawings that are topographically and culturally adaptable.

We create professionally drawn architectural plan for garage conversions, extensions, loft conversions and new home builds or properties that impact the client’s life in a positive way. Topography plays a key role in designing an architectural plan; thus we pay every attention to design drawings that are acceptable to the client emotionally, economically and environmentally.